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Thanks for heading over to this index. I assume you're looking for a way to contributing to this project and as always, all your helps are welcome. Follow the instructions in the next sections.

Open an issue first please..

I highly recommend you open an issue first. Once we agree on the theory, then feel free to get your hands dirty. 🍻

Fork & Install

Simply fork and clone the repository on your local machine. Change your directory to where the project is. Run the following command to make sure you have pre-commit and tox installed on your system.

pip install pre-commit tox && pre-commit install

Once you're all set and need to test your changes in the supported environments, simply run tox and it'll grab your changes and puts them into test.

If you've changed the docs and want to see the resuls, run the following command and it'll serve your docs on localhost:8000.

tox -e docs -- serve
Access the venv that tox has created..

If you need to access an environment with all the dev dependencies installed, run the following command and it'll create a virtualenv with all the requiremenets installed in it.

tox --devenv venv
source venv/bin/activate

Make a Pull Request

If all tests are passed then open a pull-request. 🔥